Bulgarian and foreign investors will be able to receive state financial assistance for priority projects

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The possibility of applying for and determining the amount of the grant for priority investment projects of Bulgarian and foreign companies in the manufacturing industry has already been detailed and presented in a methodology developed on the basis of the Investment Promotion Act (IA).

The methodology is published on the website of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth and on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

The methodology defines clear and transparent criteria by which current or potential investors can determine for themselves the amount of state aid they will receive upon application. By introducing various parameters, they can value in advance the best opportunity for support, according to the economic parameters of the investment project, the level of added value of the economic activity and according to the region of its implementation. The maximum amount of the grant is determined according to the current Regional Aid Map in the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU General Regulation on Block Exemption. The aid can reach up to 60% of the eligible costs for the investment in durable tangible and intangible assets. In Art. 4 of the Regulation, the aid thresholds below which notification to the European Commission is not required, such as in the case of an investment in some of the less developed regions of the country for a period of 3 years, with allowable costs of 110 million euros, the aid ceiling it can reach up to 41.25 million euros.. Investments under the KNI promotion measure for manufacturing companies may be in machinery, equipment, buildings and others. The aid is granted after the investment costs have been incurred and the agreed results have been achieved. Nearly BGN 130 million have been provided by the Ministry of Finance for the implementation of the financial measures under the Investment Promotion Act in 2024. Of these, BGN 100 million have been provided in the central budget to support priority investment projects. Another BGN 22.3 million has been allocated to the budget of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth in order to support the investment projects of all enterprises that have been certified and have submitted requests for the implementation of incentive measures. The funds provided by the budget will contribute to the attraction of strategic foreign investors and the promotion of new investments in the existing Bulgarian production companies. The projects in the processing industry will lead to the opening and long-term maintenance of a large number of jobs, their equal distribution in different regions of the country, as well as support for investments in modern and high-performance durable tangible assets. With the planned measures in the ZNI and with the development of the methodology, an important step is taken towards promoting investment intentions in the country, and companies can count on real support from the state.


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