We are building a bike lane along the Danube along with Romania

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Research on new transport connections and financial support for small and medium-sized businesses are the other strategic directions in the new cross-border program

Bicycle lane along the Danube River, part of the Euro Velo 6 route, a full feasibility study for the construction of new bridges and transport links between Bulgaria and Romania and financial assistance for small and medium-sized businesses in the border areas of the two countries. These are the three strategic directions that will be proposed for funding from the European program for cross-border cooperation Romania – Bulgaria in the next programming period 2021-2027.

The future program, whose project is expected to be presented by the middle of next year, is expected to focus on two goals: “Europe closer to the people” and “A more connected Europe”. In addition, there is a clear focus on direct support for small and medium-sized enterprises, as they are most vulnerable to the effects of crises. The effect of complementarity and alignment of resources with national operational programs is also supported.

The strategic orientation of the program covers the implementation of two key projects for our country, which will contribute to the connectivity, mobility, development of tourism along the Danube and the creation of prerequisites for additional economic development.

Priority for Bulgaria is the preparation of a comprehensive feasibility study for the Danube river basin, which will identify and justify the construction of new or expansion of existing bridge facilities, the condition and potential of river ports. Its preparation will identify the most suitable locations and give priority to the specific points of future transport facilities, which will provide a solid basis for attracting strategic investors and funding from various European and national sources. The project for construction of a bicycle route along the Danube is also key. It will connect all settlements in the border region of Northern Bulgaria, and will also connect with branches to other settlements in the country.

The future program will also provide funding for projects for the development of the local business environment, social inclusion, tourism, protection of natural and cultural heritage, etc., which should respect the principles of partnership, integrated measures and clear economic effects for the territories of the North. Bulgaria included in the program.

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