Why To Setup A Bulgarian Company?

10% Corporate tax

10% personal income tax

5% dividend tax

Highly educated workforce

Low labour cost

Number 1 European outsourcing country

4th fastest growing economy

Low cost of office rental

About Bulgarian Company Setup

CPG Consulting Bulgaria is a company which offers professional legal and business consultanting services in Plovdiv and Sofia in Bulgaria, we are in the business of company formation since 10 years and we have a team of professional people ready to help your business needs.

Bulgaria  in particular is a politically stable country with rapidly-developing economy.

Setting up a Bulgarian company is a very flexible global instruments that can serve different objectives: trading, asset protection, tax planning, real estate holding, inheritance planning, trusts or funds.

Companies require minimum capital of 1 Euro and just one director and shareholder, who can be the same person.

Bulgaria has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with many countries in Europe and around the world.

Excellent airport connection hub

Liberal trade laws

Lowest corporate tax in Europe

5 days company formation time

Top Offer


  • • Preparation of a complete set of incorporation documents (Memorandum, Articles-of-Association, Power-of-Attorney, Declarations, etc.)
  • • Opening of a company bank account for deposition of the required founding capital.
  • • Registration of the company at the Bulgarian Commercial Register.
  • • Registered office address in Sofia/Plovdiv.
  • • Preparation of the company’s official seal.
  • • Printed Certificate of Incorporation
  • • All registration and lawyer fees.
  • • International delivery of all documents
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  • All the additional fees of notaries and translation services are not included.
  • Your Bulgarian company is renewed on annual basis. Renewal price is €90 every year

Our Promise

Services based on knowledge, know-how and thinking out of the box


Send us an email

You send us an email with your business details, We gather a few details about your business by phone or email.


We prepare all the company documents in Bulgarian and English

Notary Signing

Preparation & Signing of the documents to the notary with/without the Director/s.

Bank account

Bank account opening, the minimum capital required is €1

Signing of the Power of Attorney

Our lawyer files your documents in the Bulgarian Commercial Register.

Unified Identification Code

The incorporation is completed in 5 business days. We will send you the company’s UIC (Unified Identification Code) and statement from the company’s profile in the Bulgaria Commercial Register.

Required Documents From You

Why people incorporate in Bulgaria?

Tax benefits
Location, EU
Great human talent at affordable price
High quality business services
Buying real estate
Outsourcing profit or operations

Taxes in Bulgaria

Corporate Profit Tax – 10% flat

Dividend Tax – 5%

Distributed to EU/EAA Companies – 0%

VAT – 20%

VAT on Tourism – 9%

VAT on EU Supplies – 0%

VAT on Export – 0%

You can register a limited liability company in Bulgaria regardless of your citizenship.

Yes, you can. The procedure is a little bit more complicated, but not impossible. In this case, the company’s Director has to visit Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate.

No. However, the company must have a business address in Bulgaria. If you don’t have an address for the registration — we can help.

It is called OOD or EOOD. This is the most common company in Bulgaria. 90% of the business in Bulgaria is incorporated as OOD or EOOD. Here is why:
1) Easy management
2) Limited risk and liability
3) Simple and affordable registration process
The only difference between OOD and EOOD is in the number of shareholders.

  • A company can be founded by any person who has reached the age of 18 years regardless of citizenship.
  • Under Bulgarian law, the starting capital of the company should be at least 2 BGN (€1). It must be deposited in a local bank prior to the registration.
  • The company can be managed by one or more Directors. They might be among the shareholders or third parties.
  • The company must have a business address in Bulgaria. However, the registration process does not require to provide any lease or ownership documents of the address.
  • It takes about 5 business days to complete the registration process, and around 20 days for the VAT registration.
  • It is more convenient if the Director of the company is in Bulgaria during the registration. Or at least to visit for a day. The company’s Director has to be present in person in a Bulgarian Notary Office and to deposit the company’s capital in a Bulgarian Bank.
  • If the Director can’t come to Bulgaria, she has to visit a nearby Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate. The company’s capital can be deposited in Bulgaria by a third party person — with a Power of Attorney.
  • An ID or an International Passport is enough.

After getting the company incorporation documents you are ready to apply for your bulgarian bank account. We can open
your bulgarian bank account connected to your company in Bulgaria. If you want to avoid running around and wasting your time, you are welcome
to use our service of business bank account and non residents personal bank account opening.

You will simply fill in the forms and we will submit them to the bank. Your account will be ready to use within approximately 5 days

Necessary documents for business offshore account

• Company Incorporation Documents

• Passport copy of the owner
• Bank forms – filled and signed by the client

Benefits of BULGARIAN bank account

• No currency restrictions • Full repatriation of capital and profits

• Easy to operate on-line
• Complete confidentiality
• Safety – you keep the money in the country with stable economy

Necessary documents for non-residents personal account

• Passport copy of the person

• Bank forms – filled and signed by the client
• We work with some of the best-known Bulgarian banks with good reputation. All of them have user-friendly on-line banking system. You will be able to use it to manage your bank account from any place of the world.