Admissions under 8 more measures and sub-measures of the RDP will start in 2021.

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In 2021, admissions will be launched under 8 more measures and sub-measures of the Rural Development Program, with a budget of nearly 494 million euros. This was decided by the Program Monitoring Committee, which approved its Indicative Annual Work Program. The aim is to support farmers, young and small farmers, as well as sensitive sectors. The schedule envisages the opening of receptions in April for the most attractive measures for the farmers of the Program, who have a wide range of supported activities. These are sub-measures 4.1 “Investment in agricultural holdings” and 4.2 “Investment in processing / marketing of agricultural products”. Their implementation will contribute to a sustainable and digital economic recovery of the sector. The main goal is for the projects to focus on investments related to irrigation, environment / treatment facilities /, digitalization and automation of production processes.

Sub-measures 6.1 “Start-up aid for young farmers” and 6.3 “Start-up aid for small farm development” will be launched in September. The allocation of funds for them will help farmers in the introduction of new modern technologies and ensure a safe working environment. Sub-measures 1.2 are to be opened by the end of the year. “Demonstration activities and information actions, 16.1” Support for the formation and functioning of operational groups within the EMI “, 19.1” Support for preparatory activities “and 19.3” Preparation and implementation of cooperation activities of local action groups “. Admissions have already been launched under sub-measures 5.1 “Support for investments in preventive measures aimed at mitigating the consequences of probable natural disasters, adverse climatic events and catastrophic events”, Sub-measure 7.3 “Broadband infrastructure, including its creation, improvement and expansion” and Sub-measure 2.2 “Establishment of consulting services”.

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