Bulgarian companies and scientists will create space technologies and solutions

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Micro, small and medium enterprises and research organizations at the country can receive up to BGN 800,000 or 400,000 euros for the creation of new space technologies. Between BGN 70,000 and BGN 800,000 can be received by micro, small and medium enterprises and research organizations in the country for the creation of new space technologies, applications and training programs for space engineering. The funds are provided for in the Agreement between the Bulgarian government and the European Space Agency (ESA) ratified this week.

Minister Lorer commented that the agreement signed with ESA is an opportunity for Bulgaria’s growing interest and commitment to provide a greater opportunity for the space industry to participate in projects in the field of applied research and high-tech products and services. “The cooperation also contributes to increasing the quality and competitiveness of the research and technology sector in our country, as well as to the faster development of Bulgarian innovative companies,” he added. The tender procedure for their distribution will start in July this year. The program is worth a total of BGN 2.4 million.

Startups and Bulgarian companies that implement space technologies or carry out such activities in Bulgaria will also be able to participate in it. The application criteria will be finalized next week, when the Charter of the Plan for a European Cooperative State will be signed. The submission of documents will continue until September. Projects and applications related to the aviation segment, equipment or products suitable for ESA missions, technology demonstrations, market research, mock-up activities, etc. will be funded. The partnership between science and business will be encouraged, including by organizing internships in a real research or work environment. The best Bulgarian developments will find application in the activities of the Space Agency. So far, thanks to Bulgaria’s membership in it, 37 projects have been approved. Among them is the dosimeter created by BAS, which studies the cosmic radiation on Mars.

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