SCEB launches International Business Platform dedicated to members

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The Supreme Council of European Business (SCEB) launches on February 24, 2022, at the Grand Hotel Continental the most powerful international platform dedicated to members, to provide them with a digital, secure, and innovative environment in which to interact, share ideas and develop together complex projects and sustainable business.

The platform will be followed by an application for Android and IOS through which SCEB members will have access to all the functionalities of the platform, will have at their disposal any necessary information, and will be able to contact their colleagues in a simple and fast way.

SCEB International Business Platform will be presented in the company of representatives of the Romanian Government, chambers of commerce, and prestigious institutions in Romania and together with the management of SCEB and several special guests.

More than ever, a whole new world of business opportunities is opening up for those who will join the organization.

”SCEB members will be in the company of successful business people around the world and they will have access to an innovative and powerful online platform that will facilitate dialogue in a digital, innovative, and dynamic environment. In addition, our members are part of a trusted business community, where each member is verified by an Admissions Committee coordinated by experts in business and competitive intelligence, as anyone can apply to join us, but not everyone is admitted”, said Mehmet Sumeroglu, SCEB Chairman.

Everyone who joins the SCEB community has access to national and international events, can hear speeches, and learn relevant information in the context of the national and international business environment. The portrait of the SCEB member has the integrity as its dominant feature.

”We aim to bring together new people we trust who do business honestly and transparently. We open the door to our community of professionals and entrepreneurs who think of complex projects and invest in sustainably and sustainably developed companies that aspire to learn from their colleagues and build more competitive businesses internationally”, adds Mehmet Sumeroglu, SCEB Chairman.

The Supreme Council of European Business is an international organization that aims to create and develop business opportunities for the economic and educational progress of every citizen of the world. SCEB acts through sectoral councils in European and non-European countries and brings together businessmen, decision-makers, and experts from various industries. The whole community is working together to create an agile international business environment better suited to today’s challenges.

CPG Consult and Mr. Petar Raychev as a VP SCEB Bulgaria will follow the development of the platform among the valuable Bulgarian members and will expand it in the future on the territory of Greece!

All interested  parties could check the platform on the following web Groups – SCEB International Community

and contact us for more information and details about their membership!


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