SCEB Online Business Meeting – US – EU Commercial Trade

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Dear Partners we would like to invite you to join the SCEB online business meeting with special topic US-EU Commercial Trade on  march 16, 2021, 6:00 pm Romanian time.

The EU has a relatively open trade regime, which has provided a stimulus for developing relationships with a wide range of trading partners. The community is also integrated into global markets, and this strategy is be expected to continue, as modern transport and communication developments provide a further stimulus for producers to exchange goods and services around the world.

Some statistics say that in 2019, U.S. exports were $2.5 trillion, which contributed 11.7% to gross domestic product. Most of the manufactured goods the U.S. economy produces are for internal consumption and don’t get exported. Services also make up a large portion of the economy, and those are more difficult to export.

1. What are the international differences in climate?

2. What should entrepreneurs take into consideration when choosing to enter a new market?
These are just some of the questions our guests will answer during the conference.

Our speakers are:

  • Mehmet Sumeroglu – Chairman of SCEB

  • George Lakis – Senior Partner Morphosis LLC

Mehmet Sumeroglu founded and managed over ten companies in Romania and abroad, getting involved in international trade since he was a student. In his more than 25 years of experience, he has had business relations with over 80 external suppliers from approximately 20 countries, on five continents, amounting to international commercial transactions of over 600 million dollars. He also worked in the field of construction as a builder, project manager, and investment consultant. He now collaborates, as a business consultant, with numerous multinational companies from various European and non-European countries.

George Lakis brings a career-long trajectory of delivering leading-edge multimedia solutions to the healthcare and education ecosystems of South Florida and projecting from South Florida into many global markets. Combining artistic, technological, and business talents and skills, he has led projects, established revenue-generating businesses, and pioneered multiple industry milestones applying media and technology to patient, staff, community, medical education initiatives, distance learning, telemedicine, and medical documentation. During his career, George has demonstrated an insatiable appetite for challenges on many levels, maintaining a broad range of professional and civic activities.

This event will be online, therefore if you want to join, send an e-mail at and you will receive the conference link in due course.

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