Security and safety in cross-border areas are the focus of new joint programs with Turkey and the Republic of Northern Macedonia

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Bulgaria plans to invest about 6m euros in strategic projects to improve the security and safety of the border areas with Turkey and the Republic of Northern Macedonia in the programming period 2021-2027. The funds are set as an indicative value in the new European programs for cross-border cooperation with both countries. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Denitsa Nikolova, who is participating in the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities. This year’s security forum is one of the largest in regional policy, bringing together cities and regions from across Europe.

At the moment, the joint program with Turkey includes an indicative 2m euros for a strategic project for the management of migration processes in the border region. Although there has been a decline in migration flows since the end of 2016, activities are planned aimed at preventing and improving the operational work of the border security authorities. The project also envisages the construction of a training centre for employees, as well as the supply of specialized equipment, transport and technical means to improve operational cooperation within 2 years of signing the contract.

About 4m euros are set indicatively in the Bulgaria-Macedonia Cross-Border Cooperation Program under a strategic project for the construction of a Strumyani-Berovo border checkpoint between Bulgaria and the Republic of Northern Macedonia. With the funds from the Bulgarian side, the missing road section to the border will be built, as well as the facilities needed for the checkpoint, and from the Macedonian side, rehabilitation of the finished routes and modernization of the constructed border facilities is envisaged, Nikolova added. In the last few years, our country has renovated more than 21 km of roads leading to the checkpoint, and about 8.8 km remain to be built. The checkpoint will reduce the distance between the two municipalities by 80 km.


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