The first call for project proposals under the INTERREG VI-A Greece-Bulgaria 2021-2027 program has been launched

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32 million euros are earmarked for projects to protect the environment, develop tourism and support education in border regions

The first call for project proposals under the INTERREG VI-A Greece-Bulgaria 2021-2027 program, co-managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, has launched. Applicants will have access to 32 million euros to finance projects under two program priorities.

Under Priority 1 – A more sustainable and green cross-border region, projects will be financed to promote the transition to a circular and resource-efficient economy, improve the protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and environmentally friendly infrastructure, including in urban areas , and reducing pollution.

Under Priority 3 – A more inclusive cross-border region, funds will be allocated to support education, training and lifelong learning through the development of accessible infrastructure, including through the promotion of distance and e-learning and the development of culture and sustainable tourism for the economic development of the regions.

Beneficiaries can be local, regional or national authorities, public and non-governmental organizations. Grant funding from the EU amounts to 80%. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, in its capacity as the National Authority of the program, will provide national co-financing from the republican budget to each Bulgarian partner in the amount of 20% of its budget in the approved project by concluding a contract. The application is divided into two phases – submission of a project concept and submission of a complete application form. Detailed information about the application process and required documents can be seen on the program website.

The deadline for submitting the project concepts in the electronic system of the MIS program is until 14:00 on 27.03.2024. The territorial scope of the INTERREG VI-A Greece-Bulgaria 2021-2027 program includes the regions of Haskovo, Smolyan, Kardjali and Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria and the regions of Evros, Xanthi, Rhodope, Drama, Kavala, Thessaloniki and Serres for the territory of Greece.

CPG will support all parties for the successful presentation of their concept idea  and finding the suitable partners from both sides – Greece and Bulgaria!


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