“Vita Plus” Biodesign & Bioeconomics

The main goal of the Vita Plus project is to build a platform for the introduction of bio-based industries in Bulgaria, constructing a scientific infrastructure in the field of bioeconomy, which will offer real solutions for modernization of various sectors of the Bulgarian economy. In this sense, the words: “bioeconomy”, “biotechnology”, “biotechnological innovation”, “biotechnological cooperation”, “investment in bioindustries” and the like have created a new research, applied science and definition set of a new generation, which has entered Bulgaria.

The directions in which the formed team of the Vita Plus project will work in 2021 and 2022 are:

Study of the possibilities for implementation of modern technological solutions for utilization of biodegradable plant waste regardless of the level of their processing, including modern biotechnological and chemo-enzymatic processes and their digitalization.

Economic analysis of the efficiency of the offered technological solutions in order to achieve a significant economic effect.

Analysis of the possibilities for applying the “Ecosystem Services” approach in new technological processes in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry.

Analysis of the social effect and the need for changes in the legal framework in the implementation of modern technological solutions and the transition to a bio economy.

Development of competence for ethical and sustainable environmental thinking among pupils and students by applying interactive virtual scenarios in education.

The details regarding the project, publications and materials could be found on the official web page of the project- https://vitaplus.uni-plovdiv.bg/en/

We are glad to share that CPG will collaborate with the University team of the project with joint scientific publications based on the long consultancy experience in the field of SME,s funding trough EU donation programs and business planning modelling for increasing the competitiveness of the SME,s.  The first joint publication is with working name –

Public-Private Partnership Model Considerations on Bioeconomy and Transfer of Biotechnologies in the Bulgarian Cosmetics and Perfumery Industry /The Case of the Bulgarian University Project “Vita Plus”

All interested parties could write to us for more information and details.

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