For the first time in Bulgaria we have a mapping of the Bulgarian industry!

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For the first time in Bulgaria we have a mapping of the Bulgarian industry. This was an idea of the Ministry of Economy to unite an economic map of Bulgarian business. Today we can start this initiative together with the partnership between the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (BSMEPA) and Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (AKB).

It includes 14 industries, including the field of education, thus we will be able to achieve synergies between investors, business and education.

The process is open, as it is working on the basis of statistical and other available information in the commercial register. According to the data, it is very important to achieve synergy at the cluster level – unified and more easily accessible and systematized information for consumers and investors. The information will be interactive for continuous updating to unite businesses at cluster and industry level.

The site allows you to choose between presentation by number of employees or turnover, search by company name in all or a specific sector, providing information about the UIC, number of employees, income and net result of each one company.

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